About Lazy Cuisine
Lazy Cuisine isn’t ‘effort-free’ cooking. Effort-free cooking is ordering takeout, popping a tv dinner in the microwave or boiling up a package of instant noodles.

Time is money, as they say, and Lazy Cuisine is a growing collection of recipes that aims to offer you the most bang for your proverbial buck.

What I look for in a recipe:

  • Quick and Easy: For dishes that will only last one meal, they must be simple to throw together and promote a ‘stress-free’ atmosphere
  • Effort Put in Reflects in Portions Yielded: For dishes that require more time and energy, I want to make enough to eat for several meals and / or have extra to freeze for later
  • Reasonably Healthy: I believe that food is medicine and think it’s very important to have a well-balanced diet. That being said, my tag line says “Mostly Healthy” because it’s important to indulge here and there (this includes my love affair with bacon)
  • Simple Breakdown: Some recipes that would otherwise be too time-consuming can be broken down into small steps and completed over the course of several days
  • Must Be Delicious! What’s the point of making food if you aren’t going to enjoy eating it?

I do think it’s important to put a little extra effort in for holidays and special occasions so I will include some recipes that are a bit more time consuming for these occasions. But they taste awesome and are totally worth it.

About Me
I’m a SAH/WAH mom to a rambunctious toddler. By day I chase after my daughter, trying to keep her out of the spice drawer and from face-planting off the back of the couch. By night I make webpages on Squidoo. Occasionally I try to sleep and somewhere in between food needs to happen.

Back when I was a busy professional doing the 9-5 thing I used to fantasize about my future life as a stay at home mom. I thought I’d have all this extra free-time for cooking and I’d make cookies and loaves of bread daily.

Reality check, ahem nope.

While I do have the freedom to do some cooking earlier in the day, I find I have the same amount of time for cooking now as when I was working full-time.

This blog is about the things I do and cook to make my life a little easier.


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