Easy Teriyaki Chicken Salad


This chicken salad was kind of a ‘happy accident’. Normally when I plan to make chicken salad I set aside some unmarinated chicken and make a festive chicken salad with chopped cranberries and celery.

Well, today I discovered I had made too much teriyaki chicken last week and I needed to use it up right away. I decided to make chicken salad and haphazardly threw the ingredients together. It turned out so well I thought I would share it with you.

There’s more mayo than with the previous chicken salad but it is quicker to make. Green onion provides a bit of crunch and balances nicely with the soy and ginger flavors in the chicken.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad Recipe


Chop your chicken breast. If I’m feeling patient I chop the chicken quite finely. Otherwise I leave it somewhat coarse. Either way works. Chop the green onions and add to the chicken. I use the entire onion, but if you only use the white part then you may want to use three or four onions depending on their size. Add the mayo and mustard and stir until combined.

Serve in a sandwich or on crackers. If you’re trying to stay away from bread then roll it in lettuce leaves to create a chicken salad ‘burrito’.

Yield: Makes enough for three sandwiches and a bit extra for crackers.

Note: For this recipe I’m using a divided chicken breast . By cutting the breast the chicken will cook faster and more evenly. Also, more surface area in contact with the marinade means greater flavor. Just to clarify, I am using an entire chicken breast, but it’s in three pieces (two large and one small).


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